The IoT4TD-2017 is a major multidisciplinary conference organized with the objective of bringing together researchers, developers and practitioner from academia and industry working in all areas of computer and computational sciences. It is being organized specifically to help computer industry to derive the advances of next generation computer and communication technology. Researchers invited to speak, will present the latest developments and technical solutions.
     Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as new paradigm in the development and deployment of Internet, and is also seen as a next generation of ICT evolution. It is forecasted that in near future, IoT will change everything, including every aspect of our lives because of its direct impact on communication, education, healthcare, environment, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, food, transport, business, science, community, humanity and many more. In IoT, things would be seamlessly integrated in information frameworks, sharing data and creating the knowledge intelligently. Recently, IoT has attracted a great attention of researchers, Industry, Government organizations and other stakeholders, bringing them on one platform to research, address vast challenges posed by IoT and to capitalize unprecedented opportunities. This international conference would provide a platform for distinguished gathering of researchers from academia and Industry working in the field of IoT, sensor networks, data processing, hardware and software platforms to share and discuss the latest advances challenges and future research directions for practical realization of IoT. The conference would feature plenary and keynote speeches, interactive sessions, oral and poster paper presentations.
     The aim of ICT4TD 2017 is to provide a forum for scientists to present their latest research results and perspectives for future work in the IoT, Cloud Computing field and related interdisciplinary fieldsICT4TD 2017 will include presentations in form of contributed papers, poster sessions, and state of the art lectures by invited keynote speakers.Original unpublished manuscripts, and not currently under review in another journal or conference, are solicited in relevant areas.